Leica SL2

C’est votre choix.

When a
comes true

Bobby Kiran with the Leica SL2

Seven years ago,
Bobby Kiran Yeo
discovered a passion
for wedding photography

Today he is among the most noteworthy representatives in Singapore of this sensitive genre.

Bobby Kiran Yeo

The friendly young photographer and his Leica SL2 travel regularly to distant lands, looking for romantic locations, capturing a sense for the light and atmosphere, on a mission to find the perfect settings for his wedding photography.

Whether Florence, beating at the heart of Tuscany, the picturesque villages dotted along the steep cliffs of the Riviera, or Venice, the Italian city of canals and lovers, the wedding photographer’s natural and timeless images capture for eternity this unique day in the life of a couple.

SL2 – the perfect tool
for an unforgettable day

With its intense colour reproduction, its optimised user interface with all the clever shortcuts, and, last but not least, its ergonomic hand grip, the SL2 is the perfect partner for a wedding photographer.

With great sensitivity for the right moment, and equipped with a Leica SL2, Bobby Kiran Yeo transforms each wedding event into a beautiful memory of a very special day.

The best prerequisites to capture an unforgettable day in unforgettable pictures

The SL2’s intuitive handling allows Bobby Kiran Yeo to concentrate on what is happening in front of the lens. In addition, the slot for two memory cards ensures a secure backup of all the data, while the 47 megapixel sensor guarantees razor sharp and brilliant pictures.

Leica SL2
It’s your choice.

Le SL2 est le seul appareil photo de type sans miroir plein format conçu et fabriqué en Allemagne. C'est une pure merveille de technologie, de performance et de qualité de fabrication. Le Leica SL2 est l'évolution naturelle du Leica SL, au service de l'avenir de la photographie et et de la vidéo digitale.