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Issue 6/2020

A different take on S photography: fascinated by the secret world of urban street cats, Berlin-based photographer Nikita Teryoshin has portrayed his feline subjects in cities around the globe. Christopher de Béthune did not travel quite as far to create his latest project: for 65 days the Belgian photographer sheltered in place at his apartment with his partner, capturing the romantic and poetic facets of life in lockdown. With his project ‘Guajiro’, Italian photographer Fulvio Bugani set out to revive childhood memories – and in the process found a second home in rural Cuba.

A summer painted in pastels: Franck Bohbot’s images of a French waterpark veer between dream and reality, just like the never-fading memories of adolescence. This issue’s Leica Classic is Michael Friedel, one of the most sought-after magazine photographers of the young German Federal Republic.

In the technical section we introduce the new Leica M10-R, and take a look at the first major firmware update with multishot mode for the Leica SL2.

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For me, photography is a way of life. It’s not just a job or a passion. It’s far more than that.
Fulvio Bugani

Inspired by the life of his grandparents, who grew up in the mountains and had a great respect for nature, the photographer Fulvio Bugani headed to Cuba, to portray the lifestyle of the local farmers – the Guajiros. He quickly became aware of the great influence the people living and working there have on him.


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